Planning an Easter Scavenger Hunt

Published: 20th February 2013
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Setting up a great Easter scavenger hunt for your family and friends is a fun way to celebrate this Spring holiday and your guests will find this fun and memorable. You may even start a new tradition! We are here with great tips and ideas to help you plan the best Easter scavenger hunt that you possibly can.

Your party begins well before the actual day of the event. It, in fact, begins the minute your guests receive their party invitation. These invitations can be elaborate or simple, purchased or homemade, tangible or even electronic. If you want to purchase the invitations, you can commission personalized stationery, shop at a boutique store or even find fun card-and-envelope sets at the big-box store down the street.

If you choose to create your own invitations, you can create something simple, yet colorful on your home computer. You could also make a trip to the craft store to pick up patterned scrapbook paper, stickers, paints or other embellishments. Be creative and cut out bunnies, baby chicks, colored eggs and easter baskets and glue them on the cards in patterns. For a really festive take, try adding shredded green cellophane "grass" or confetti to the envelopes. You could even use plastic egg shells to create invitation treasure boxes that you can hand deliver.

Your Easter Scavenger Hunt can be held in several locations allowing you to choose whichever place works best for you and your guests. Often, your own home and yard may be the most logical party place, especially if you have plenty of space. If you don't want to host in your own home, consider meeting at a local park or even at your church. A nearby farm with a petting zoo can another fun alternative, especially if you are inviting young children. A neighborhood Easter scavenger hunt hosted across several houses can be another unique and fun way to celebrate.

Now that you've sent out the invitations and chosen the location, it's time to consider the clues and riddles for your Easter scavenger hunt. Try creating a treasure hunt map leading from one hiding spot to the next. For younger children who can not yet read, use a simple pictorial map. For children who are learning to spell, try hiding eggs with letters painted on them. Encourage the kids to find the letters that spell out their name. Give lists to the older kids featuring specific eggs (i.e. find 4 striped eggs and 2 blue ones); the first to return with a completed list receives a special prize.

Plan a nature or Spring themed scavenger hunt if you are hosting an outdoor event. Fill the plastic eggs with small items that fit your theme, like seeds or small tree leaves. Pair your guests up and send them out hunting. Tell one pair that their mission is to find all the flower seeds they can and then assign other items to all of your other guests. The set that finds the most eggs within a specific amount of time wins a special gold or silver egg.

Digital cameras can be add a fun element to your party. Now that even many young children have digital devices that have cameras, it is easy to plan a photo scavenger hunt with your guests. Give the clues out to your teams and let them know that they need to photograph the answer to each clue, come back and check in to receive the next egg with the next clue. A fun twist on this approach would be to gather pictures of all of your adult helpers ahead of time. Include a small snapshot of a grown-up with each clue. Let the kids know that they need to check in with the adult pictured on the clue every time they take a photo. When they do so, they get a small extra treat.

If you party is for older kids or teens, try holding it at night. Your guests can use flashlights and glow-in-the-dark t-shirts. Put small glow-in-the-dark rings or bracelets in the eggs so that when they are closed, they'll slightly glow making them easier to find in th dark.

We hope that these Easter scavenger hunt ideas inspire and help you to host a new and fun Easter party for your children, neighbors and family.


Want to host your own Easter Scavenger Hunt, but still unsure of how to go about it? Check out the site Easter Scavenger Hunt and this Easter Scavenger Hunt Riddles article for great resources and ideas on making this fun experience a memorable tradition your family will love!

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